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Francesca Marsaglia
Her last ski race ended badly. Story & photos.

Roses and cast
Behind maple branches. Photos.
On a parking deck at Valentine's Day. Photos.

Hard times for gingerbread men
Notes on the shirts of women who have problems with one leg. Photos.

Alejandra Baigorria
"The pain is very strong and constant." Photos & Video.

Pimped with net
Bedroom selfies. Photos.

Paula Castelhano
With style. Story, photos & videos.

Kristina Asmus
"I tear ligaments every few years." Story, photos & videos.

A stretched casted arm
Olecranon fracture. Photos.

Olga Naumova
A skydiver on the ground. Photos.

Months full of tears.
Then holidays in Sardinia. Photos.

Both arms broken
... one after the other. Story & photos

Black is beautiful
Black leg cast. Photos.

The party goes on
Injury on New Year's Eve 2020.Photos & videos.

Both feet injured
Sports injury and accident with crutches. Story & Photos.

Hurt Misses
Injured women in beauty contests. Photos & stories.

Nail polish details
Pained nails and casts. Photos.

Fashion Blog
Outfits with cut-off trousers. Photos.
Winter plaster cast. Fashionista despite cast. Photos.
Korea. Photos.
Russia. Photos.

Amaia Aberasturi
Actress with leg in plaster at a film premiere. Story & Photos.

My summer in Toscany
With crutches. Photos.

Katie Price
Both feet broken. Story, photos & video.

Kaia Gerber
With arm cast. Story, photos & video.

Francesca Leto
Metatarsal fracture of an Italian presenter. Story & photos.

Who is Andy?
Leg casts with signature. Photos.

A piano on the foot
Occupational hazard. Story, photos & videos.

Hike on Sri Lanka
A twisted ankle. Story & photos.

Christmas cast
Wrist fracture on the right hand. Photos.

The wind on my face
Riding accident in Brasil. Story, photos & video.

Experience my life with plaster
Elfyne's drawings & remarks

The future of plaster casts
Situation & outlook on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of gipsverband.de.

Religious signature
Bible slogan on an arm cast. Photos.

Souvenirs from Corsica
Accident in holidays. Photos.

"It has made me think more about my life." Story & photos.

Barista contest
With arm cast. Photos.

A sailing trip with consequences
With a sailboat on Masurian lakes. Photos & Story.

Broken ankle after bouldering
A summer with leg cast in Bavaria. Photos.

Philosophical text
On a plaster leg. Photos.

In the style of Usain Bolt
His move with an arm cast. Photos.

A summer breeze on Santorini
Vacation with arm cast in Greece. Photos.

And a broken arm. Photos.

Voyage story
Photosession wwith Ondria Hardin for the Double Magazine. Photos & Story.

A'ja Wilson
Ankle injury two times in basketball matches. Photos & Story.

Wrong treatment
Six months suffering. Story.

Acrobatics on rope
With a casted arm. Photos & story.

Broken tibia
Party with the girls. Photos.

Matching colors
Cloths and leg cast matching. Photos.

Vacation on an island
Canary Islands amd at home in Italy. Photos & story.

Quote of Robert M. Drake
On a leg cast. Photos.

With arm cast and sling. Photos.
After the winter break. Story.
Amelia Brodka, professional skateboarder. Photos & story.
Letícia Bufoni, professional skateboarder. Photos, video & story.

Miriam Höller
Stroke of fate. Photos & story.

With injured arms. Photos.
With a broken scaphoid bone. Photos.

Nie ogarniam
An oversized plaster arm cast. Photos.

Summer journey with arm cast
Through Italy. Photos.

Summer with arm cast
Beach and bikini. Photos.

Twisted foot
Cast after surgery. Photos.

Jessica Wright
Fashionista despite arm cast. Photos & story.

Tracey Gerety
Fitness instructor broke her ankle. Photos & story.

Georgina Wilson
"This is what I got for kickboxing". Photos & story.

Limbo contest on Iceland. Photos & story.

Almost every soccer season ... Photos & story.

In order not to feel cold ... Photos & story.

Georgina Wilson
"This is what I got for kickboxing". Photos & story.

Tully Smyth
Black cast to match my wardrobe. Photos & story.

Two plastered arms as souvenirs
Summer holidays on an island in the North Sea. Photos & story.

Sally Pearson
Fall in a 100-meter hurdle race. Photos & story.

Broken heel
Fall from more than three meters. Photos & story.

Paula Rotondo
Journalist with broken foot. Photos & story.

In stockings from the emergency room
Swedish fitness coach and blogger. Photos.

Huge cast with cast shoe
Cast off. Photos.

Gymnastics with leg cast
Standing upside own. Photos.

Imogen Thomas
Shopping with neck injury. Photos & story.

Noel Shannon
Leg amputation after a car accident. Photos & story.

Ski accident before Christmas
Christmas and new years eve with arm cast. Photos.

Lower leg with fixator
Bone fixing after surgery. Photos.

German singer Nicole
Concerts with casts 2002 & 2013. Video, Photos & story.

Delicate signatures
When people write on your cast. Photos.

The future of plaster casts
Situation & outlook on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of gipsverband.de.

School exams and surgery. Photos & story.

God turns problems
Religious slogan in Spanish. Photo.

Kimberley Walsh
Pregnant and broken wrist. Photos & story.

A student with cast in Sevilla in spring. Photo & story.

Kelly Thiebaud
Actress broke her wrist one year after her femur. Photos & story.

Beatriz Feres
Swim girl with broken wrist. Photos & story.

Natalia Lesz
Polish singer with arm cast. Photos & story

Brides who had to carry casts on their wedding day. Photo stories

Orgasms can kill pain
A museum promoted its sexual exhibit with casted legs of a woman. Photo & story

Isaiah 41.10
Religious signature on a cast. Photo & verse

Water baptism in Brasil
Baptism at a river with bandaged arm and leg. Photos

Noemi Merino
Spanish Big Brother participant dogged by bad luck. Photos & story

Jimena Sanchez
TV host with broken arm. Photos

Katie Douglas
Basketball player with sprained ankle. Photos & story

Thin Girl
Four weeks with a cast on the right forearm. Photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt
She broke her wrist boxing. Photos & story.

Dogged by bad luck
Both arms and a leg injured. Photos.

A torn Achilles tendon in Stockholm. Photos & story.

Amy Gadd
Fall from a window may stop her modelling career. Photos & story.

Roller Derby accident with fracture of the fibula. Photos.

Annika van der Meer
Dutch student walked on a fractured ankle for two weeks. Photos & story.

A cast changes brain and skills
Influence of immobilization. Research results.

Josie Gibson
She broke her ankle after celebrating getting engaged. Photos & story.

Hairline fracture of the wrist bone: "The worst day of my life." Photos & story.

Hanne Gaby Odiele
The model injured her knee on the way to a photo shooting. Photos & story.

Luana Piovani
Fracture of a metatarsal bone during a performance. Photos & story.

Amaya Valdemoro
Spanish basketball player broke both wrists in October 2011. Photos, video & story.

Ristanana Tracey
At the World Athletics Championships 2011 with an armcast. Photos & story.

Danish singer at two concerts in summer 2011 with an armcast. Photos, video & story

Lydia Strunk
Student survived shark attack in Puerto Rico. Photos & story.

Caroline Néron
The Canadian actress had a serious motorbike accident. Photos & story.

On the beach
With cast on the beach. Photos.

Brasilian girl broke her ankle in Germany. Photos & story.

Girl from São Paulo with arm cast and sling. Photos.

In front of the gondola station Hochzillertal in Austria. Photos.

Lejla Abbasová
Czech actress with serious knee injury after a skiing accident. Photos & story.

Fracture of a metacarpal. Photos & info.

In bathroom with casted arm after a horse accident. Photos.

Changing the cast
New shorter arm cast. Photos.

Kaley Cuoco
Open fracture after a riding mishap. Photos & story.

Arabella Kiesbauer
German talk show host with a torn Achilles tendon. Photos, video & story.

Sexy x-rays
Pin-up calendar with skeletons. Photos & story.

Erin McNaught
The model suffered a partially severed finger in a motorcycle accident. Photos & story.

Misty May-Treanor
The beach volleyball player ruptured her achilles tendon while training for a dancing competition. Story, photos, video

Natalia Anita Sørensen
A diagnose of a fracture after 2 weeks. Photo & story

Basketball players with a torn Achilles tendon
Jasmine Cannady, Wendy Palmer, Jessie Rosa. Photos & stories

The pathogens attack the hip bone of a young woman. Photos & info.

Aminatta Forna
Achilles tendon injury on a beach in West Africa. Photo & story.

Tanja Frieden
Swiss snowboarder ended her career after an Achilles tendon injury. Photos & story.

"Now I have a screw in my wrist". Photos & info

Alexandra Horváth
With torn ankle ligaments at the Miss Plastic Hungary contest. Story, photos & videos.

Ilka Pedersen
Injured German soccer player. Photos & info

Inline skating accident and fracture of the scaphoid bone. Story

Fractures of tibia, fibula and collarbone. Photos & info

Cast contests of radio stations
To win concert tickets some listeners wear casts. Photos & stories

Theatre of Efteling
Free musical for patients in casts. Photos & story

Cassie & Courtney
Sisters with soccer injuries. Photos & story

Catherine McNeil
Australian fashion model on crutches. Photos & info

Bone elongation of small humans. Video & story

She broke her arm two times in 2008. German diary & photo

Marissa Grasdijk
Dutch junior singer was injured in a traffic accident. Videos, photos & story

Tara Strong
The voice of many american cartoon characters broke her ankle. Photos & story

Leslie Osborne
The soccer player missed the Olympic Games 2008. Video, photos & story

Erin Wasson
The model suffered a fracture of a metatarsus bone. Photos & story

Cute with a leg cast?
Attempt to get a cast and crutches. Photo & story

Hockey girl with broken thumb. Photos & story

Black ice victim. Photo & story

A tibia fracture along three planes. Photos & story

Kristin & Susan
The friends jumped from a second-story balcony to escape a fire. Photos & story

Hockey girl broke her leg twice. Photo & story

Emanuela Galloni
She was hurt in a rescue action. Photo & story

Thoughts about a broken arm during a crisis of her life. Diary & photos

Michelle Luttenberger
Concerts with neck collar. Photos & story

Brooke Burns
Former "Baywatch" star broke her neck. Story with photos.

Art and bandages
Motivation and drawings of Slaanesh and Excilion.

A very busy college girl who is influenced by an arm fracture. Diary with photo.

Esther Vergeer
After ankle surgery of a paraplegic woman. Story with photos.

The keeper broke her leg in a football match. Story with photo.

Tatiana Golovin
She hurt her ankle during a tennis match. Story with photos and video clip.

A model with injured toes. Story with photos.

Injured Barbie
Doll with neck brace and arm cast. Story with photos.

I thought we would die
Two women were jogging when a car crushed them against a wall. Story with photo.

Lauren Hutton
Miniskirt despite a plastered leg. Story with photos.

A German singer with cast on stages. Story with photos and video clip.

A college student after knee injury. Story with photos.

Anna Nicole Smith
The former model with bandages and in a wheelchair. Background with photos.

Meg White
The drummer of the White Stripes, with broken arm. Story with photos.

The night of her high school graduation she had a serious accident with her new car. Story with photo.

Her second arm fracture in nearly half a year. Story with photos.

Athletic injuries in Germany. Statistic 2004.

A car accident at Valentine's Day 2004 and the recovery of the 17-year-old girl. Story with photo.

Russell and Whitney
Their honeymoon turned into a nightmare. The couple was hurt by a landslide on Hawaii. Story with photo.

Nadine Rist
Injured in New Zealand on a cycling trip around the world. Story with photo.

The 7-year-old girl from Del City, Oklahoma, fractured her tibia in a wild ride with her scooter. Her father's diary with photos.

Brandi Chastain
She was injured in the first match of the Soccer World Cup 2003 in her own country and missed the rest of the tournament. Story with photos and video.

Kati Wilhelm
An arm cast after a training accident had no effect on the preparation for the next biathlon season. Interview with photo.

Gracia Baur
A dramatic accident at a concert in Cologne, Germany: The singer fell into a hole in the stage. Story with photos and video clips.

After a very serious accident with an elevator, nearly her whole body is in a plaster cast. Story.

Inga Leiwesmeier
European vice-champion with torn Achilles tendon: Luck and bad luck were close to another. Story with photos.

Jessica Lynch
In the war against Iraq in 2003 the U.S. soldier was taken prisoner. Ten days later Special Forces rescued her in a dramatic night-time raid from an Iraqi hospital. Story with photos.

Winona Ryder
The shoplifting trial and a hurt elbow. Story with photos.

A naked model with cylinder cast. Photo and background of a project by photographer André Rival.

J. Tremaine: "Ginny"
After the accident in the late evening, in which Ginny wounds both hands, she and her companion spend the night at the home of the Figgs. An excerpt of the novel "Ginny" from J. Tremaine (only German).

Marina Hernandez
Highheels and Crutches - She was one of the most sparkling girls of the scene in Hamburg (Germany). Suddenly she dropped out of the toilet window - the end of a flight of fancy. Story with photos.

A young girl at the carnival procession in Frankfurt (Germany). Story.

Her aversion using crutches and her unusual alternative.
Claudia's story in English or German (original).

Klaudia Martini
An oath with a cast. Story.

Marian Schneider
Her broken ankle did not want to heal. But a new therapy had success: After 11 weeks her cast could be removed. Story and photo.

She had to wear a corset out of plaster, but the 16 year old girl escaped from being dependent on a wheelchair for the lifetime. Story with photos.

Tanja Damaske
She tore the Achilles tendon at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000. Story.

Sylvia Plath: "In Plaster"
A poem of the American author Sylvia Plath (1932-1963). In Spring 1961 she had to wear a medical cast, which inspired her for that poem.

Clara's story (only German) : a fractured ankle, seven weeks with crutches, splint, walking cast and a possible surgery.

Dagmar has a cylinder cast for three weeks after surgical restoration of the crucial ligament. - From the diary of a 13-year-old girl. Story with photos.

Verona Feldbusch
Verona Feldbusch, a German TV-star, told in a show of her childhood. One day she hurt her hand slightly and complained of pains. Her mother said:"You carry too far. Bandages are all what you want !"

A young woman who had already four leg casts and two arm casts tells her Story (only German).

Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Stenger
"Applying a cast is an art. You need a good education, experience and especially charity."