Click me to enlarge Dagmar Dagmar has a cylinder cast for three weeks.
From the diary of a 13-year-old girl.

I do not know exactly how it has happened. It was raining. I was on the way home from school. Suddenly I slipped on the stairs to the subway station. My mother claimed afterwards I ran too fast. Indeed, I do not like slowness. I slipped and landed on my knee. I fell on that knee certainly a hundred times before. Nothing has happened. Today it was different.

My leg cauterized horrible and was swelling more and more. I could not walk. In such a situation, one has strange ideas. I thougth I have to go home quickly and to put warmer clothes on. It was pretty cold on that day. In hospital they cut my new trousers, because my leg was so swollen. The doctors diagnosed a torn crucial ligament. I had a surgery. When I waked up after anaesthesia, they said: "We applied a blue cast to your leg." "Great," I answered, "blue is my favourite colour." "Bingo," they replied. Actually I was not in the mood to be ridiculous. I was in lot of pain. I felt sick, and I shedded tears the whole time.

The period in hospital was boring. I must stay five days in bed. Now I have to walk with crutches, and everything takes a long time. I feel like a baby who has to learn how to walk. Especially to wash oneself and to get up is troublesome. - Once I almost forgot to have a cast. I began to dance with the plastered leg. Dancing is one of my favourites you see. I am afraid that I could not do it like before.

In the past I had always a lot of bruises. I prefered playing with boys than with girls, I climbed on trees or roofs. I thougth always, nothing can happen to me. Now I ougth to know better.