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U.S. Women's National Soccer Team player Leslie Osborne missed the Olympic tournament 2008 in Beijing because three months before she tore the anterior crucial ligament in her left knee during a training. A week after the accident she had knee surgery and a month later a reconstructive surgery of her left ankle followed to take care of some lingering issues. The period of rehabilitation takes about 8 to 10 months.

"I'm obviously extremely disappointed that I won't be playing in this Olympics, but I am most disappointed about not being able to be with my team," said Osborne. "It has been an awesome experience this year and I know they can get it done in China. I will be their biggest fan."

Without Leslie the U.S. team got the gold medal in Beijing. In the final match they beat Brasil 1:0 in extra time.

Source: Woman's Professionel Soccer

Leslie Osborne after knee and ankle surgery.

The leg cast is taken off. Video FLV 6.6 MB

With the brace and cast combination she can slightly move her ankle.