Amy Gadd deutsch

After the accident in March 2012.

Amy Gadd was at the beginning a modelling career, when in March 2012 the accident occurred. The 21-year-old from Durham in the north east of England was with a friend and sat in the third floor inside on a window sill. She leaned against the window that was not properly closed, and fell out. "That is the last thing I remember. Next thing I knew I was going into theatre in hospital,” said Amy.

She fell backwards out of the window and plunged about ten feet down. "I am lucky to be alive after landing in a bush instead of the concrete just meters away," she recalled later. “The humerus bone at the top of my arm popped out and I broke my left arm and wrist. No one could believe I had come away from it with just a broken arm."

She was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery. During a six-hour operation, a metal plate was inserted and left her with a 15 centimetre long scar on her shoulder. “Because of this I will probably not be able to do my photo shoot,” Amy said. It should be a shoot for a front cover of a magazine. Furthermore she was in line for a lucrative modelling contract.

After she won the Student Glamour Awards 2011.

A few months before, she won the Student Glamour Awards in London’s "Cafe de Paris" nightclub. Up to then, she studied nursing at Northumbria University. Amy took a break to conquer the modelling world, when the accident happened. She believes her fledgling modelling career could be over before it has really started.