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Arabella Kiesbauer tore her left Achilles tendon playing badminton in 1994. The talk show host told herself that the foot is merely sprained and waited three days before she went to the doctor.

When the physician stated the diagnosis "torn Achilles tendon in an advanced stage" and announced an operation plus a 2-month break from work, the 25-year-old woman still did not believe it. Her reaction was a mixture of distrust of physicians, dislike of medical casts and the worry about her fledgling talk show on German television. It took additional days where she consulted other doctors, but they presented the same diagnosis.

In the end, the Austrian-born beauty agreed to an operation. After a week she was allowed to leave the hospital with a non-weight bearing cast from toes to hip. Three weeks later she got a short leg cast and made her talk show on crutches. During the 4-week break repetitions of her show were transmitted which did not harm the rate of spectators.
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