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In the end of July 2015 the English model, singer, entrepreneur and reality star broke her right wrist. Jessica Wright posted pictures in social media that showed her in hospital and with her arm in a sling. She added later: "Never missed my right hand so much". According to The Sun newspaper she broke her wrist following a "nasty fall" in the rain. Furthermore, they knew that she was in a lot of pain.
Some days later, the 29-year-old woman was seen on a party in London. The Daily Mail posted: "Jessica Wright reveals her broken wrist as she parties through the pain in a chic androgynous trouser suit." She showed that she is a true fashionista, because the white cast perfectly matched her monochrome outfit. The arms of the black jacket had vents where on one side the white bandages could be seen. The white cast matched with the white top under the V-neck of the jacket. The black cigarette-cut trousers and black pumps completed a sharp and smart look. Her make-up was perfect as well, although she tweeted: "Breaking my wrist has made me realise how important being able to do simple things is! Like opening a bottle of water! #RightHandProblems."
The next day she took time out to celebrate her sister’s 15th birthday in London and looked glamorous. Jessica wore a black jumpsuit that did not cover her cast and black high-heeled sandals. The white cast was a strong contrast to her black outfit and tanned skin.
In the beginning of August, she promoted her book "Sparkling Stilettos" and signed copies of it with the casted arm. She wore a semi-sheer white lace blouse that did not really cover the white cast and a pastel pink leather skirt. Pink stiletto heels completed her look. Her debut novel is a fictional story about an aspiring shoe designer who wants to create shoes for Hollywood stars. It should be the first novel in a trilogy.
The star of a British reality TV series has furthermore a clothing online shop. She added a shoe collection with her name and presented it at the fashion trade exhibition “Moda 2015” in Birmingham. Jessica seemed to hide her arm cast under the long sleeves of a floral chiffon blouse. She wore her hair in voluminous curls. Her smoky eye makeup was perfect and accentuated with pink lip-gloss.
In the middle of August 2015, Jessica spent holidays in Las Vegas (USA) with Danielle Armstrong, her colleague in the reality series. They were seen by paparazzi at the poolside of their hotel. Jessica’s arm was still bound in the cast. She wore a black and white striped bikini. Although the horizontal stripes let her big breasts look much bigger, the black semi-sheer silk bathrobe over it added a stylish touch.
After about five weeks, her arm was released from the cast. She wore a soft wrist brace for some days.