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Michelle Luttenberger in Augsburg, 23.02.07 Luttenberger-Klug in Saarbrücken, 24.02.07 Luttenberger-Klug in Mainz, 25.02.07 Michelle Luttenberger in Mainz, 25.02.07
Luttenberger-Klug in Mainz, 25.02.07 Luttenberger-Klug in Mainz, 25.02.07 Album-Cover Backstage

Shocking for the two singers of the young Austrian pop band Luttenberger-Klug. Immediately before the first concert of their Germany tour they were involved in a traffic accident. One of them got hurt seriously.

In February 2007 Michelle Luttenberger (17) and Chrissi Klug (18) from Styria (Austria) were as supporting band on tour in five German cities with Christina Stürmer, a well known singer in the German-speaking area. On the way to the first concert in Augsburg a construction vehicle rammed their taxi. The rear door was dented by the impact and Michelle was hurled with the head against a car window. She suffered a cerebral concussion, besides strains were diagnosed in the hospital.

The band, which had 2006 with "Super Sommer" their largest hit, decided that Chrissie should sing alone this evening. But after the second song Michelle came with a neck collar on the stage. Their producer said to the Austrian radio station Ö3: "She could not stay behind the stage during the gig." Michelle had to wear the collar also during the concerts in Saarbrücken and Mainz on the following days.

Photos of the concerts from: www.music-is-live.de