Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 deutsch

In October, Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 was elected in Budapest for the first time. In this beauty contest young Hungarian women from age 18 on could participate, who had undergone at least one plastic surgery and more than Botox treatments or collagen injections.

With this competition, the organizers wanted to show the benefits of cosmetic surgery. "Cosmetic corrections did not necessarily have to be about oversized breasts, bulbous lips and skin stretched to near tearing point," said plastic surgeon Tamas Rozsos. "The goal is to achieve a perfect harmony of body and soul." It is believed that this event is not only an advertisement for cosmetic surgery but also a protest by women who were barred from conventional beauty contests because of the surgery.

Almost all 18 contestants had silicone breasts or new noses. One of them presented surgically modified toes. In the end, the 22-year-old blonde Urban Reka, who had breast surgery this year, won the competition. When asked whether she was planning further interventions, she responded with a clear no. As award she got an apartment in Budapest. First runner-up Edina Kulcsar who had a nose correction was given a new car.

Alexandra Horváth

Maybe it is just a blessing in disguise, second runner-up Alexandra Horváth, who had breast surgery as well, took home diamond jewellery worth nearly 10,000 Euros as award. Because a day before the competition, she fell on the stairs wearing shoes with high heels and has to be brought to hospital. There, torn ankle ligaments were diagnosed. The swollen ankle was initially fixed with a splint. The doctors wanted to apply a cast soon, but she postponed that for the time after the beauty contest. In the meantime, she did not put weight on her foot and was dependent on a wheelchair. Alexandra has asked the judges to let her remain in the contest. She said: "I don't see why they can't admire my beauty in a wheelchair as well." In the final however, the 23-year-old model was carried to the stage by a bodyguard and hopped on one foot. She showed her flawless body only dressed with a few cloth and bandages around her injured ankle.

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