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The Brazilian actress and model Luana Piovani fractured a metatarsal bone in her left foot on November 20, 2010 during the performance of the musical "The Soldier and the Ballerina". The accident happened in the first scene of the show which was staged at Teatro Procopio Ferreira in São Paulo. Even with severe pain, she ended the performance.

Nine days later, the 34-year-old actress underwent surgery in the Syrian-Lebanese hospital of São Paulo to reduce the time of immobilisation. Otherwise her leg had to stay three months in plaster. During the operation a 10cm plate and five pins were inserted. Furthermore a platelet protein was extracted from her collected blood and injected into the lesion in order to support the healing.

"The Soldier and the Ballerina"

At the airport, four days after the accident

Two weeks after surgery

New Year's Eve on the beach