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She is a professional musician, plays flute in an orchestra and gives music lessons. In the beginning of January 2020 a piano fell on her leg. She later commented: "Occupational hazard". To see a choir better that she was directing, she tried to turn the piano. It got caught in the carpet and fell over. "It was too heavy for me, I couldn't stop it. It landed on my leg and broke my ankle," she described the accident.
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She had several visits to the doctor after the accident, had to use crutches, but in the beginning her ankle was not splinted. She often elevated her injured foot and cooled it. Later she got a lower leg cast for four weeks. The mother of three boys is married and stayed at home for three weeks. Then she went to work with cast and crutches. After that she got a ready-made plastic boot for about two weeks and continued to use crutches. This was followed by physiotherapy for more than three weeks.
During the time with the cast she discovered the attraction of her toes. She showed photos of her feet in social media, which she had not done before. She enjoyed the attention and was stimulated by her followers. She went to a nail salon, changed the polish from time to time, and discovered toe rings. "I remember them being popular when I was little." Even later, without a cast, she showed her polished toes with rings, sometimes with an ankle bracelet. From the 1990s was also the legwarmer that she tried on her healthy leg at home. Outside, she usually wore leggings. But even when it snowed, she didn't put a sock over her cast. She said: "I don't like it. Why should I hide my toes and the cast?"
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