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On 24th November 2009, Erin McNaught suffered a partially severed finger in a motorcycle accident in Sydney, Australia. The 27-year-old was filming for a TV production when she fell from an electronic dirt bike she was riding. She lost balance after the vehicle sharply accelerated and her hand becoming trapped in its spinning wheel, partially tearing off her index finger. She had undergone emergency surgery to reattach the finger.

The Miss Australia 2006 told later how she experienced the accident: "Basically we were reviewing this electric dirt bike, which is the same as a normal dirt bike but electric. I forgot it was on because you can't actually hear the engine. I turned around and accidentally revved it with my hand and the bike shot out and I fell down. My hand went into the disc brake and it took a big chunk out - I almost lost my finger. I actually yelled out 'I'm so sorry' straight away because I'd just dropped this brand new dirt bike. Then I turned and looked down and my finger was hanging the wrong way."

Her spokeswoman said she was "traumatised by the accident". The model was rushed to Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital where she underwent three hours of microsurgery the next day. Nerves and blood vessels were reconnected and the part of the finger was reattached with more than 40 stitches. Surgeons informed that later the operation went well and the former Miss Universe entrant was lucky not to have lost her finger. She had to wear a splint for the next six weeks from her fingers to her elbow. The fingers were attached to the splint by a Velcro band. So she could open the Velcro band to do the five-minute physio exercises every hour. The physicians urged her to do so for the following three months in order to regain 80% use of her finger.

On 1st December 2009, Erin McNaught, surprisingly glamorous despite the arm cast, was a host at MTV's Summer Party at Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney. It was her first public appearance one week after the accident.

On her Twitter page, the right-handed model expressed her frustration with only being able to use her left hand. "Oh and buttering toast is all but impossible. Might start a list 'stuff that sucks with your left hand'", she wrote. She also told fans: "So I reeeeally want 2 show you guys pics of my mangled finger but have been told it's too gruesome. Maybe I'll put an MA15+ warning on it..."

The terrible accident caps a difficult year 2009 for the Canberra-born beauty. In January, she accused a contender for the Cleo Bachelor of the Year of assaulting her. Furthermore, McNaught told judges that a rugby league player, who was never named, forcibly grabbed her and kissed her at a Sydney nightclub. In July she ended a relationship with rugby league player Braith Anasta. She had been living with the Sydney Roosters star at his apartment for six weeks.