Wendy Palmer deutsch
Basketball player Wendy Palmer injured her left Achilles tendon while going after a loose ball in practice. In Seattle she is storm forward, her team plays in the Woman's National Basketball League. Wendy Palmer has endured a long recovery, but is back in training camp and eager to start her next season. We chatted with her to check in on her progress and find out more about her road back to the court.

Hello Wendy. How is training camp going? How is the Achilles feeling?
I'm feeling good. Just feeling the normal little aches and pains from training camp, but I'm feeling well. You know its been a very, very long off-season coming back from this injury, but things feel good. Iím getting up and down, trying to get into the flow of things again. Iím just so happy and thankful to be back on the court doing what I love to do.

How long did the rehab take and can you describe the process a little bit?
I got hurt on June 2 then for seven weeks I was either in a cast or a boot throughout last season. I finally had surgery on July 26. I was in a boot for three month. After the boot I was in an air-filled brace, so I could finally put on a regular shoe. It was just a tennis shoe, so I had to wear tennis shoes in winter until I got that off in December. And then I couldnít walk; I had to learn to walk and get the flexibility and mobility back in my ankle.

Have you ever had to go through a recovery like this before?
I had knee surgery, I tore my meniscus and that stuff. In 2004 in the Finals I tore my labrum in my shoulder, which I thought was pretty tough because it was my shooting shoulder. But after going through that and having gone through the Achilles, looking back now, the Achilles is definitely tough because everything is weight bearing, everything goes through it.