Experience my life with plaster
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Hello I am Elfyne, a French artist!
My favourite medium is drawing, especially ink drawing, even if I touch everything!
I am also a fan of Zelda and other freaks of the genre.

Besides, my leg was broken, but luckily it's healed now! All the best for everyone who has to go through the same and see you soon on my Facebook site!

Live with a broken leg! I assure you that I have recovered from day to day, but all these scenes I have experienced and implemented in drawings, and that often made me laugh, even if it was not always easy!
Brush your teeth
Have a shower

So beware, it requires a professional equipment: a non-slip stool in the bathtub, a bathtub of course, a plastic bag, so that the plaster does not get wet, and a stool for the cast. Do you have everything? So let's go, wash yourself.

Wash the dishes

After a few weeks, I began to develop a certain balance! But it is impossible to keep the broken leg down without feeling a great swelling in the cast. So I did Ninja poses ... Ok, actually I just wanted to rinse out a glass! But still! Note this flexibility!

Take the dishes out the dishwasher

Fortunately, I have a dishwasher at half height (pure luck). Only, the positioning of the cutlery was a little blind ... but what a practical leg rest, to do so in complete serenity!

Take things away (Level 1)

If I (really) think about it: I could easily put my dirty things in the hamper ... It's hard to explain that it was not bad will but great technical difficulties!

Take things away (Level 2)

Let's move on to level 2. If the object in question is a smartphone, we are reluctant to push it on the ground and give it pushes with the crutches to bring it forward! Therefore, the technique called "dentition", also called "barrel! Well educated!" Is very effective ... but the way should be short to avoid a saliva attack on the object. The trouser pockets? I'm sorry, but it's just a concept with women's clothes (but why?)

Take things away (Level 3)

Let's go to level 3. As with level 2, the object should not be too big ... In this case, we also need to avoid leaning forward (poor, poor smartphone!). But it is effective! Many thanks to Frédérique, who introduced me to this method.

Watching the kids

Fortunately, I rarely had to leave them alone! I was happy enough to be surrounded and in the worst case, I was alone with them for 1 or 2 hours. They are adorable ... but they are kids!

Have some diarrhea

Yes, I am talking about a "small" diarrhea! I do not want to imagine if it were the real, the terrible, the unspeakable diarrhea that lets you wake up around 4 in the morning and warn you by a sound in the gut: "So my pretty, you have 2 minutes to go until the explosion is happening." That was damned epic. I assure you that my ability to move, enhanced by the adrenaline, has allowed me to keep everything under control.

Climb stairs

Or - it is a good idea to have only one floor at home!

Become a master in office chair driving

An office chair is the best friend for one-legged people who want to move! Well, I found it difficult to steer in the beginning, but when I had experience it was not bad.

Bumping the little toe

So I've certainly become a master of the office chair ... but it took me more than one day! I had many problems, like those sad times, when I bumped my toes with the table leg. Even in normal times, that's not great.

I need sugar

This is the main reason why I managed to laugh so much: a tireless husband. I've needed him so many times in these 45 days! For small things (my laptop, which I forgot upstairs) and for bigger things (for example taking care of children). And even now, when it's not over yet. In short, my darling, THANK YOU.

Clean up the living room

A good friend had a broken bone before and I thought it was wise to give him pliers to pick up objects from the ground. I must be a prophet in this field because I could borrow it a few months later! But it took me a whole afternoon to clean it up.

Clear the table

I present here the method with a crutch, which is absolutely not effective! 5 steps to clear away a single plate. Since you know that you need support during the whole "journey" to the sink, and the change between crutches and a balancing act is worthy of a circus!

Take the little one to the doctor

I thanked my husband, but I must also thank my parents and my dear mother for being there during my immobilization. I promise, I will stop with the pathos. Thank you for being there every day for all these everyday things. Great or the family.

Handicrafts for two

In another context we would have seen ourselves whistling with boards and screws to assemble a piece of furniture. But here I woke up rather in the middle of the night, with a warped face and "au au au aua", because this damn cast was too tight near the toes! To hell with it! I didn't feel that unhappy little toe anymore! My dearest did not hesitate a second and looked for tools to break this vice! For those who are interested, the cutting pliers were a great help! All's well and good. After half an hour of fighting everything could be freed.

Elfyne Vis ma vie avec un platre 17 Try a walk in the park

When you're stuck at home, you go crazy trying to do the impossible: Go to the park! You'll like it in the end. I have managed to make the journey! Yay! I have never felt my arms so much. I have become a Golgoth through it. Respect for perseverance.

Cut nails

Ah, what misery! I have to say, I waited for it until I actually had to cut it! But I also gained a lot of flexibility in the process.

Be sexy with a cast

So yeah, I wanted to look a little different than a girl doing yoga on Christmas Eve! I also wanted to be a bit sexy! At least I had the advantage that I only had to remove the hair on one leg (yes!). After trying to put on my pantyhose, I was able to stretch it and cover the cast completely. Unbelievable! Well, for the better recognizability on the picture I drew fishnet tights. But it was rather a DIM pantyhose, completely opaque! That's what I'm telling you who are still in plaster. I had to tell you the truth, if you ever try to test this.

Discover the cornea

Fortunately for my case, nothing really bad! Besides, it went away quickly! But still, I wouldn't have thought of using my crutches to strain my hands and elbows like that. My Rambo side has been hit hard.


Because the Internet is really cool, you don't have to rush to supermarkets or shops to go shopping! Le drive and Amazon are wonderful!

A cramp under the cast

Among the great pleasures of plaster, the muscle spasm is clearly the most insidious! Especially when it comes in the middle of the night! After I gave up stretching (ah ah), I drink a lot! But I didn't do that enough because of the difficulties going to the toilet.

Get daily injections

"Daily injections" or "A constellation of bruises on the belly" or even more "The game of finding sensitive spots on the belly". We played this every morning with a trio of nurses who took turns taking care of me.

All alone on the way to radiology

The verdict has been passed here! Broken ankle! They made me a nice cast and put me in a wheelchair, with a wooden board under my bottom to hold my leg horizontally, and bam! Yes "bam"! "Follow the dotted line and have an x-ray taken in radiology for control. It's one floor down." ... so I know there's a shortage of staff in the hospitals, and others were certainly more in danger than me. But to be honest, it's not easy to drive these devices! I was so afraid of bumping into the walls (and falling over! The accident was still fresh in my head). And in the end I met a paramedic who was disappointed that nobody called him downstairs ... because it is indeed his job.

Dining with the family

So the best way to relieve my leg was to put it up. And at the table it was the best ... on the table. Another proof of my legendary flexibility

Employment is the largest

It's all good to keep your kids busy! So if you can have 10 minutes of rest by expressing their talents on my plaster, that's something great He also drew hearts for me.

Well, if not, I admit that the series "Experience my life with plaster" will be over now! I still have a few ideas, but then I think I've said everything about the subject! I hope you liked it.
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