Marian Schneider

Marian Schneider with cast and crutches Today a fracture is no problem - one supposes. The affected extremity is put in plaster, and the points of fracture grow together again. Also Marian Schneider, a commercial employee from Bochum, Germany, did not worry about, when she broke her ankle while skiing in Switzerland. "Six weeks in plaster and then it is okay," she thought.

With a plastered lower leg and crutches she came back to Germany. But when the doctor removed the cast four weeks later, the young woman saw his facial expression and imagined that something is wrong: The points of fracture did not grow together.

But Marian Schneider did not need to undergo surgery. She was treated with the shock wave therapy. Thereby high-energy waves were guided to the fracture in order to stimulate the growth of bones.

Already one week later the first effects were seen on the X-ray, and four weeks later the fragments fit together. Afterwards she had to wear a walking cast for two weeks.

The young woman is looking forward to ski next winter. "Even if I break a bone once more," she says happily, "the modern medicine will cure also difficult fractures."