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Jessie Rosa after the second tendon injury The Achilles’ tendon is named after Achilles, a hero of the Trojan War in Greek mythology. He met his fate with an arrow to the heel, supposedly the only vulnerable spot on his body. But an injury to Jessie Rosa’s heel hasn’t stopped her. She tore even both her Achilles’ tendons one after the other playing basketball.

However the accidents caused the student from Montgomery (Alabama, USA) to endure a little more than she ever had to during her sports career. “I never got hurt playing soccer,” she said. “I did little things here and there, but I never had to have surgery.” Jessie learned that playing basketball is a bit more stressful to the joints and tendons than soccer. She was playing soccer for five years before she changed to basketball. Now she is playing in the women’s basketball league.

Within one year she tore her Achilles' tendons. “The first one was my right foot,” she said. “I was pushing off to make a cut and ‘snap,’ I heard a real loud clapping sound. It was horrible. I didn't know what happened.” Jessie had surgery. After a few days she was back at university, making her way around campus on crutches. A few weeks later, she had her cast off and was walking just as usual.

Then, it happened again while playing basketball, this time to the Achilles' tendon of her left foot. “The second time was a little less dramatic because I immediately knew what I did,” Jessie said. “It was painful, but I was more emotional over the fact that I did it again. I knew everything I was going to have to go through.” The time in hospital was very short and she went back to university soon. “I only missed the day of surgery and the day after from university,” she said. But the recovery will take longer. “I don't think I'll play basketball for about a year. Last time I took off eight months before I started playing again."