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Matthew Wells, captain of the Australian hockey team, signs Georgie's plaster cast

Like most young hockey players of the island Tasmania, a federal state of Australia, Georgie's icon is Matthew Wells. And the 16-year old, who is stuck at home after breaking her leg twice in recent months, had the surprise of her life when she was paid a visit by the champion hockey player. She beamed as she rubbed shoulders with the hockey star, who became only the fourth Tasmanian to win an Olympic gold medal, at Athens in 2004. "I had never met him before so this is pretty exciting," she said. "He's had injuries before at an important time so it's been good hearing how he dealt with it and how he has come back stronger."

The Year 11 Collegiate student, who was trying out for Tasmania's under-18 hockey team at the time of her injury, had her plaster removed after 10 weeks only to slip beside a friend's pool the next day - and break the same leg again. Now she is in another cast for 10 weeks, which means she will miss this year's hockey season. "I haven't been able to believe my bad luck. It's pretty upsetting," she said. "But now I feel more positive about my chance of a full recovery. I will be even more determined next season."

Matthew Wells, captain of the Australian hockey team, is only just making his return to top-level hockey after a seven-month layoff for a ruptured ankle ligament. "I understand her pain and frustrations and know what she's going through," said Wells, 28. "At first you think nothing could be worse but it doesn't take that long for things to come right again. She will be back stronger and more determined."