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Middle of September 2010. Actress Kaley Cuoco, who played in an US-American soap opera, broke tibia and fibula in her left leg. It happened during a Saturday horse-riding lesson. Her horse spooked, she fell off and laughed, because she was totally fine. But then the horse tried to leap over her and landed on her left leg. She heard a cracking and thought the horse steps on leaves. But it were her bones and she did not feel pain at first. "Then I was looking down," she told, "and realized my foot is facing me ... and I was like, that's not normal." She was shocked, she tried to lift the leg up and the foot was just dangling.

The paramedics came in about five minutes, she felt it was an eternity. They needed to cut her boot and when they took it off, she was screaming. Then it was seen that the bones were sticking aut of the skin. "It was horrible", she added.

At the hospital.
The doctors thought first about an amputation because they were worried about infection. But then they tried to rebuild the bones near her ankle. In two surgeries they added plates and screws to the bone fragments, shown in the x-ray. Furthermore, her leg was fixed outside with metal bars during her two-week hospital stay, then these bars were replaced by a splint.
End of September 2010. Shopping tour in Los Angeles with a splinted leg and a wheel chair.
With crutches and a hard cast in Ellen DeGeneres' show on October 12th, 2010. There she said, she will ride again. "The accident was not during a jump, it was not a mistake, only a freak thing."
On the film set.
2004 she had problems with her right knee and was seen on crutches on a red carpet and in a soap opera.