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In 1994 the German magazine "Stern" published a project of photographer André Rival from Berlin. He invited one hundred women to his studio. They should shoot nude photos of themselves. Alone in the room with a monitor, a camera and an automatic shutter, each of the women could experiment as long as she found her best pose. The photos show often more than bare skin.

In the case of model Alexzandra the photo shows additionally her cylinder cast and old-fashioned crutches. The 31-year-old women had to wear the cast after she had knee surgery for the third time. With the cast she did not feel naked in front of the camera, she told later. Furthermore, she was so busy watching herself in the small monitor, paying attention not to show the automatic shutter in the foreground and not to put weight on her injured leg. By the way she used these ancient crutches not only in front of the camera. She had the opinion that the usual ones are too ugly. However, when people saw her they sometimes thought that cast and crutches were a fake.