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In the beginning of November 2008 the joung Dutch singer Marissa Grasdijk was injured in a traffic accident. First it was not clear if she can participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Cyprus in the end of November. In October, the talented 14-year-old girl had won the national competition "Junior Songfestival" with the title "1 dag is veel te kort" (1 day is too short) and should represent the Netherlands at the European finals.

The accident happened on Tuesday evening, 4th November at 5.40 pm. Marissa and her sister Danita sat on a scooter in Kampen, Netherlands. The two girls had singing lessons and were on the way home when they collided with car and were hurled to the ground. The 17-year-old Danita, who drove the scooter, injured her left shoulder. Marissa could not stand up, she felt strong pain in her left leg. "I was really shocked, because first I thought that I had broken my leg," said the young singer later. She feared that she cannot participate at the European singing competition. People who arrived at the scene reported that she screamed: "I want to go to Cyprus!" Somebody put a blanket on her until the ambulance arrived. Both girls were carried to hospital. Later the driver of the car told the police that he failed to see the scooter. Both vehicles ran strong in damage.

In the hospital, after seeing the x-rays it was found that Marissa's injuries were not as serious as previously assumed. She suffered only strong bruises on the left lower leg; nevertheless the doctors put her leg in plaster. She was not allowed to put weight on it and had to use crutches. Her sister had to carry her left arm in a sling because of a broken collarbone. On the same evening both girls could leave the hospital.

Danita and Marissa at home.
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Marissa at school.
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Marissa in concert.
The injury did not prevent Marissa's passion for singing. On Saturday evening, 8th November, she sat with the leg in plaster on the stage and impressed the audience at the anniversary of the gymnastic club of Kampen.

In the following week, when she celebrated her 15th birthday, her cast was removed. "Even if I had broken my leg, I would have gone to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in a wheelchair", she admitted. On 22nd November, she took part without a disability at the competition in Lemesos / Cyprus for the Netherlands. Unfortunately, in the end she was only 13th of 15 participants. The winner was Georgia.