Lejla Abbasová deutsch

In a skiing accident in the beginning of 2011 the Czech actress Lejla Abbasová suffered serious knee injuries. She had to undergo two surgeries. In the second surgery, which lasted four hours, her left knee had to be broken again. Screws and bone grafts from the pelvis were inserted.

The 31-year-old woman is happy that her knee could be saved. So she sees positive aspects of the cast, which surrounds her leg at least for six weeks. For two months she has to walk with crutches. But she did not hesitate to have a photo shoot despite leg cast with Iveta Lutovska, Miss Czech Republic 2009. The photos are for a charity event in which disused first aid kits should be collected and sent to Africa.

Lejla Abbasová was known as the married Czech minister for human rights and minorities, Michael Kocáb, admitted an affair with her and resigned from office.

Source: www.blesk.cz