Two plastered arms as souvenirs français  deutsch
Summer 2015 on an island in the North Sea off the German coast. I had not thought of before that I would bring two arm casts as souvenirs from vacation.

It happened on a cycling tour. I fell on my hands and noticed immediately that something is broken. On the island is no hospital and no X-ray device. The arms were splinted and I was taken to a hospital on the mainland. There, fractures of the ulna and radius in the right forearm and in the left a broken radius near the wrist were found. Fortunately, the fractures were not displaced, so an operation is not necessary. The bones were brought in place and both arms were put in casts. To match my red nail polish I chose red bandages. The cast on the right arm went from the hand to the shoulder, on the left it covered only hand and forearm. With two plaster arms I spent the rest of our holiday on the island.

After six weeks, the short arm cast was removed. The right arm remained two more weeks in the cast. Everyday life was quite cumbersome. With the two casted arms I needed often help. With one cast it was bearable. You get used to it. After a while, you sleep even quite well.