Amaya Valdemoro deutsch

The Spanish professional basketball player, Amaya Valdemoro, has had bad luck with injuries in recent years. Unfortunately for her, the bad luck continues in the beginning of the season 2011. In the first Euroleague game against a Croatian team on October 12th, she fell awkwardly on her hands while playing defense and broke both wrists.

"It was horrible. After the fall, I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I lie on the floor, saw the physical therapist and my team mates. I cried." she remembered. "I do not know how I left the basketball court. I recovered a little in the physio room and was sure that both wrists were broken." After taking X-rays in hospital, doctors confirmed it. On the right was a clean fracture of the radius, which forced her to wear a cast for four weeks, while on the left she suffered a broken radius with a slight displacement, which required six weeks of immobilization. It was estimated that she had to rest for almost three months on the sidelines. "I am strongly looking forward to leaving all this behind. What I want is to forget it all as soon as possible and to be able to play again," she explained her feelings.

With both arms in plaster it is hard to eat, to dress yourself, to pick up the phone or to go to the bathroom alone. Amaya Valdemoro added: "At least I have the fingers free and the elbows are without casts. But I can not write yet because I have no strength. I need someone with me all day. Now, at least, I can pick up a glass with the right hand and support it with the left."

About two weeks after the accident, the 35-year-old forward of the team Rivas Ecopolis Madrid published on Twitter: "I'm in hospital checking my wrists. I need surgery on my left wrist." Then it was clear that the displacement of the radius should be corrected. On 25 October, she had a successful surgery. A plate was inserted during the operation which lasted almost three hours.

Two weeks after surgery, the cast on the left hand was replaced by a removable splint so that the rehabilitation could start. The week before, despite two casts on her arms, she began the training in the gym to strengthen the lower body.