Skateboarding after the winter break français  deutsch
If you start in the skateboard season after the winter break, caution is advised. "Often, you overstretch yourself, it can be risky on the board," says a seasoned boarder who had to make painful experiences this year.

The young woman in the 20's was on the road with the skateboard at the end of March for the second time that year. "I wanted to start relaxed and first it worked out very well, but it was over with a simple Ollie". In this jump with the skateboard you land with both feet on the board. "But I've just landed on the edge of the board and twisted the ankle violently. Immediately I started screaming," she says. Her friends took care of her. "I could not stand, it just hurts and the swelling occurs." It was clear that a doctor should see her foot.

"Then the full program: To hospital, waiting, getting X-rayed, waiting eternally, then getting a super diagnosis." The ankle was broken and a hairline fracture was found in the fibula. "I was ready and done, completely shocked," she describes the situation. "I got a cast, Thrombosis prophylaxis and crutches." The shock was probably due to the cast that covered her entire leg up to the hip. To get along with such a huge cast and crutches is not easy. Moreover, she had never had a cast before. After a while she got used to it. But skateboarding was not possible for a long time.