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In July 2020 Katie Price broke both feet during holidays in Turkey. The 42-year-old jumped off a small wall in an entertainment park and suffered fractures on both feet. The British media star was taken to an emergency room in the coastal town of Belek. There she was fitted with splints on both legs. The doctors said that she would not be able to walk for at least three months.
Back in London, the bandages were changed for orthoses. She writes on the internet: "Yes, it is true, I broke my ankles and my feet. I have to have both feet operated and pins put in."
A short time later, hard casts were applied instead of orthoses. After two days they had to be cut due to swellings.
But the ex-model wore the casts for less than a week. Then she had a 6 hour surgery in a London hospital. The day after, she could be discharged with splint bandages on her legs.