Cassie & Courtney deutsch

Cassie and her younger sister Courtney from Port Orchard (Washington) have both suffered injuries playing soccer and needed surgery.

Cassie, who plays forward in a college team, tore the meniscus in her right knee during the first home match of the season. She was trying to turn and her leg stuck in the grass turf. As she twisted, the meniscus tore. She came off for about ten minutes, but she kept playing. "The next day, I could hardly walk at all," she said. Three weeks later she had knee surgery.

Three days after her sister's accident, Courtney, who plays forward in a local soccer team, broke her fibula during a match. As her sister, her foot got also caught in the turf and she twisted her leg. The fracture was just above her ankle. In surgery a plate and eight screws were placed in the bone. "I have a lot of hardware in there," said Courtney, who missed two weeks of school. Her leg was in a cast for six weeks and afterwards a few months of physical therapy followed.

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