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A few days before her 25th birthday, Beatriz Feres from Brazil broke her wrist. Her twin sister Branca, with whom she forms a team in synchronized swimming, had also an extended break from competition.

Beatriz, called Bia, was injured during a vacation with boyfriend Maurice in the U.S. When snowboarding in Aspen, Colorado, she fell on her right wrist. At the doctor's she chose a bright pink cast, due to her nail polish.

When the blonde returned to Rio de Janeiro, she could only support her sister in training from the pool edge. About three weeks later, she got a shorter cast. She said, particularly in the Brazilian summer it was a huge relief because the first cast was on the whole arm. With the forearm cast, which was again pink, she was doing weight training exercises for the leg.
Bia Feres & Branca Feres