Gracia Baur

Gracia Baur On stage In the hospital X-rays of her right foot A TV interview on crutches Decorated crutches Gracia Baur

A dramatic accident at a concert in Cologne, Germany, on Mai 27, 2003. Subsequent to the contest, the finalists of a TV casting show for singers gave several concerts. Thousands of fans became eyewitnesses when singer Gracia Baur fell into a hole in the stage. Prior a fan threw a soft toy to the stage, the 20-year-old singer caught it, she thanked and turned, made a few steps and fell in the two meters deep shaft of a stage lift.

Fans were shocked, the lights turned on and the singers left the stage. The fans called for Gracia. Twenty minutes later producer Dieter Bohlen entered the stage and told that Gracia is on the way to hospital where her leg gets a cast. Then the concert continued without the attractive blonde.

In the hospital the physicians found two fractures of the metatarsus and a torn ligament. On the very same day, Gracia got surgery. The next morning she felt better and said to journalists: "Please tell all my fans that I'm ok." She held X-rays in her hands which showed the inserted pins in her right foot. She promised:"I'll coming back."

Two days later, she left hospital on crutches and had to be careful with her casted foot. So she was absent in the next two concerts, but she took part in the final one on June 2 in Oberhausen. Sitting on a bar stool Gracia was lifted to the stage. The injury could not stop her: A video production for her first single, that was released in July, followed, than holidays on Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), before she had to undergo a second surgery.

Video clips

WMV video clip Gracia left the hospital.
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WMV video clip With leg cast at the concert.
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WMV video clip The production of her first music video.
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WMV video clip Holidays on Fuerteventura before her second OP.
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