I'm Nina, aged 19. In May 2003, three months ago I had a very serious accident. I broke a lot of my bones and suffered head injuries. I have had many operations so far and since the last operation my whole body is in plaster except my face, my right arm and hand (so I could type these words). Even my head and neck are in plaster. I can move only my right arm and hand and the toes. I look like a white monster made of plaster, my weight is 270 kg! In medical terms, the plaster casts I have are double hip spica, left shoulder spica, body-minerva cast.

I will be in this condition for a year or so. Doctors tell me that after the casts are taken off, I will be able to move my left arm, hand, my spine, neck and head but it's possible that I won't be able to walk again, because of my hips' condition. At the moment and for the next 11-12 months, I am placed on a special bed-table, which can be moved in a stand-up position. It gives me the feeling of standing, although I am stuck permanently on this table.

My accident happened while I was working in a hotel. I was on the 2nd floor, I called the elevator, the door opened but the cabin was on the 5th. I was looking behind me at that time, so I made a step forward and I fell in the hoist way of the elevator, almost 2,5 floors deep. Apart from this, I also have osteoporosis since my birth because of a metabolic disease and that's why the damage is so serious. But apart from osteoporosis, doctors tell me that anybody who falls from that height is lucky to be alive.