Lena in Sevilla français  deutsch
The German student Lena spent some time in Seville (Spain) at the University. While jogging, she broke her ankle.

In the hospital she got a cast on her lower leg and asked: "How can I pay for all the fun?" One told her: "Pay? How to pay? This is free, the EU paid!" She thought, "Aha, so the EU." and “A big Hurrah for the Spanish healthcare system!"

She had to walk with crutches while spring began. "Spring in Seville means: pleasant temperatures, around 20°C, the street full of people, positive mood at the street corner, wild kissing by couples of all ages, while I sit most of the time on the couch," she wrote in her bloq. “Outside the scent of blossoming orange trees, inside on the couch the cigarette smoke of my roommates. Instead of strolling in the sun, I'm sweating and train the upper arm muscles with my crutches. My upper back, biceps, chest muscles and hands suffer from sore muscles, while the problem areas of a woman remain completely untrained. I had completely forgotten how tiring it is to walk on crutches!"