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Ilka Pedersen Eunice Beckmann Ilka Pedersen & Eunice Beckmann
Ilka Pedersen & Eunice Beckmann Ilka Pedersen Ilka Pedersen & Eunice Beckmann
Before the start of the 2009/10 German soccer season and a few days before her 19th birthday, Ilka Pedersen was injured badly and could not play for several weeks.

On 22nd August 2009, in a friendly match of her team FCR 01 Duisburg the midfielder had to be substituted already in the 18th minute of the match and was taken to hospital. There, doctors found that outer and inner ligament of her right ankle are torn. An operation was initially considered but later deemed avoidable. At least Pedersen's team won the match with 15:1.

A few days before the accident, Ilka Pedersen said for fun to team-mate Eunice Beckmann who had a knee injury, if she knew how to walk properly with crutches and showed it to her. A few days later she had to walk on crutches, too.

Source: 1st4you

Ilka Pedersen The same leg was already injured in 2008. A torn anterior crucial ligament in her right knee forced her to stop playing soccer for several months.

Shortly after her nomination for the under-19 national team, the injury occurred in a qualification match for the European Championship against Romania. Already in the seventh minute of the match she had to be carried from the field.