Krisztina deutsch

On Friday afternoon, 25th of September, I was skating with my inliners together with my girlfriend. We were talking and in a moment of inattention I did not see a bicyclist and we collided. I fell down. Immediately, when I stand up I felt a little pain in my right arm. I thought I have sprained my wrist. The bicyclist hesitated but drove on without waiting. My girlfriend and I continued skating as nothing has happened. In the evening I noticed that the pain was getting stronger.

The pain increased during the weekend. On Monday it was so awful that I went to hospital. My wrist was swollen. I got an x-ray and the doctor said my scaphoid bone is broken. I got a cast. It was cut because of my swollen wrist and fixed with bandages. I was surprised that the cast went from my thumb to 10 cm above my elbow. The doctor said: "You will get a new cast when your wrist is not swollen anymore. You have to wear this new full cast at least for six weeks, and then we can apply a smaller cast that ends below your elbow."

I was very depressed. Such a long time I must wear this big cast. How could I work? Since beginning of the month I was working at a dental practice as cleaning lady. I need the money having two little children. I decided to speak with my employer the next day. I was glad when she said that this is no problem. She added: "There are many things you can do with one arm. But stay at home this week until you got the full cast."

After five days, on Friday October 2nd, the cut cast was replaced by a full cast. This second cast was terrible. It went much higher than the first one and ended only 2 cm under my shoulder. It included nearly my whole thumb. The cast was very hard and I absolutely could not move my arm inside.

On Monday I went to the dental practice and tried to work. But with my full arm cast it is impossible. So I decided use the time with the cast to learn better German therewith I can get a better job afterwards. One week later another X-ray was taken. It showed that the scaphoid bone of my right hand is broken badly and the healing is not well. I got a new cast that is similar to the one before which I should wear until 25th of November.

With my big cast I moved on November 16 from Germany back to my home in Slovenia. Here I live together with my sister and our children. We are managing together a little hotel. Soon I went to a doctor to show him my broken hand. He found also that the healing was not well. Anyway, the 25th November was not the date for me to get a smaller cast as the German doctor thought in October. I had to wear this big cast that went up to my shoulder for another month. This was really hard having little children. My luck was that my sister supported me.

On December 21 I got a smaller cast which ended below my elbow. I had to wear it for another month. It was removed at the end of January 2010. Finally after four months my right arm is free. But casts are still part of our life: My 5-year-old daughter has broken her elbow while skiing and must wear a full arm cast now.