Heather C. deutsch
Kevin pushes Heather up the ramp to her family's home. He and a friend built the ramp out of wood.

When Heather, 19, graduated from high school in Pembroke / USA her parents had a car as present. But the night of her high school graduation she had a serious accident with this car.

Heather was driving to Rochester / New Hampshire with her friend, Casey, and they got into a head on collision on Route 202. The people in the other vehicle were not seriously hurt. But Heather suffered a broken femur, broken left ankle, and an injured pelvis. She had not been wearing her seat belt. Casey, who did wear her seat belt, suffered a broken neck. She must wear a halo, a metal brace to immobilize her head and neck, for three months.

Right after the accident, Heather went through five hours of surgery, which left her with a metal rod in her thigh. A week later, a metal plate and screws were put in her ankle. The metal parts could be removed in 18 months.

Heather realized what others in wheelchairs go through on a day-to-day basis. "I hate going out," she said. "Everyone stares." Further more she needs a ramp to get up to the front door of her home. Two of her school friends, who will both be seniors at high school next year, spent one day building it out of wood.