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Noel Shannon had a car accident by night in July 2014. She was alone in the mountains in north-eastern Oregon (USA) when a deer jumped on the road. The 23-year-old woman swerved to avoid hitting it. Her car turned over, landing on the driver's side. Her left leg was stuck under the door. It took nearly 10 hours to free herself. Then she dragged herself to the road where two men found her.

Noel was taken to the hospital. First she was in a medical centre in Walla Walla and then transferred to another in Seattle. Her left leg was stabilized with fixators. But in the end doctors were unable to save it. The leg had to be cut below the knee. The amputation took five hours. "The pain after the surgery was so intolerable they put me out for hours," she told later. When the wound was healed, Noel still feels phantom pain. About two months after the accident, she got a first prosthetic leg.