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A medical cast should support the curing. It has to fit properly and must not cause further complaints. Hence you should contact a physician immediately if one of the following symptoms occurs:

 Beiersdorf AG Increased pain.
Feeling that the cast is too tight.
 Beiersdorf AG Severe swellings of toes or fingers.
 Beiersdorf AG The colour of fingers or toes turns into blue or white.  Beiersdorf AG Disturbed sensitivity, tingling feeling or loss of active movement of toes or fingers.

Find further details in section complications.
Take care of your cast and it can protect your injury while it heals. So pay attention to the following:

 Beiersdorf AG A new cast out of plaster takes about two days to harden completely, during this time it should be treated cautiously. Fibreglass casts are stable already one hour after application. Contact your physician in case of damage to the cast, or if it feels too loose.
 Beiersdorf AG Pain is reduced and swellings are minimized if you keep the casted limb elevated (e.g. on a cushion or in a sling). To support blood circulation, the joints outside the cast, especially fingers or toes, should be moved often and the muscles inside the cast should be stretched occasionally. But you must not put pressure on leg casts earlier as told by the physician.
 Beiersdorf AG Always plaster casts must be kept dry, otherwise they loose their stability. Fibreglass casts are water resistant but water should not reach the padding inside. Damp padding is not easy to dry and can cause skin irritation.
 Beiersdorf AG In case of itching skin, do not stick objects for scratching inside your cast. They can hurt the skin; parts (e.g. pencil caps) can remain inside and cause problems. Furthermore, do not apply powders or deodorants to itching skin which can increase the irritation.

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