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Tatiana Golovin of France retired after falling in her semifinals match against fourth-ranked Maria Sharapova of Russia at the tennis tournament in Key Biscayne, Florida 30 March 2006. The 24th of the ranking list twisted her ankle and fell chasing a shot in the third set 6-3, 7-6, 4-3.

She received medical assistance on the court, her ankle was taped. Later the 18-year-old woman told: "With the bandaged ankle and the painkillers I thought I can continue match". But when she stands again on the court she felt that it is impossible to play and retired.

Afterwards she was taken to a hospital in Miami. The physicians diagnosed two torn ligaments and a bruised bone. They put her ankle in a cast for 10 days and she was not allowed to play tennis for six weeks.

Tatiana Golovin twists her ankle.

She sprained her ankle during the match.
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Tatiana Golovin covers her face and cries after injuring her ankle during her semifinals match against Maria Sharapova Receiving medical assistance for her ankle Her ankle is taped She stands again and wiped the tears out of her face
She feels that it is impossible to play and retired She leaves the court Tatiana Golovin is helped off the court as Maria Sharapova (L) walks with her in the background Maria Sharapova & Tatiana Golovin modeling the pink cast