Limbo contest on Iceland français  deutsch
In January 2016 a journal staged a limbo competition in Reykjavík. The winner got tickets for a music festival. Rósa made it, but broke her leg.

“I really wanted these tickets,” she said. “I had finished two rounds and I was really happy, but suddenly the stage just ended. I was pretty drunk. I fell off the stage. I broke my leg. I actually said ‘Ahhh, I broke my leg’ and other people said ‘you broke your leg’. But I just got back on stage. I moved on through the different rounds and I won!”

She stayed at the location until 5 am and went to a doctor in the morning. He told her that she had broken two bones in her left leg. She needed a cast for more than a month. The next day she had to perform a one-woman-show for children with cast. She played Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz".