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The advertisement for the exhibit “Science of Sexuality” of the "Science World" museum in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) was apparently too racy for the city’s transport system. One of the ads that were also running in local newspapers was banned from Vancouver bus stops. It shows spread cast-bound legs of a woman in a hospital bed with a naked men lying between her thighs. The caption reads: "Orgasms can kill pain."

Science World president Bryan Tisdall was surprised by the reaction. The campaign should call attention to the exhibit which was open between May and September 2013 and was aimed at teenagers over 12 years. According to the official description the exhibition should give ”a positive image of sexuality and exploring what science has revealed about the topic.” It should present information in a scientific, fun and thoughtful manner.

The eye-catching advertisement spotlights the pain reduction during an orgasm. Scientists from the Rutgers State University of New Jersey (USA) could actually prove that vaginal stimulation has a pain blocking effect. Furthermore an orgasm during the stimulation increased significantly the pain detection and pain tolerance thresholds by 106.7% and 74.6%, respectively. But this analgesic effect lasts only about eight to 10 minutes.