How cute would I look with a leg cast? français  deutsch
At the doctors

I would love to crutch about in a little leg cast. How cute would I look? I asked myself.

So last night I decided to try a friend's advice. I put on my highest pair of stilettos and ran as fast as I could down the stairs. The first few times nothing happened. I was ready to give up. But on the fourth try I missed a step my ankle twisted over on the high heels and I stumbled. It all happens in slow motion. I heard the snap as my ankle twisted and I fell. However this tale doesn't have a really happy ending. As I landed I put my hand out to save me and managed to also fracture my radius.

So although the casts are great and even the pain was fun I didn't get the crutches and am stuck in a wheelchair for at least four weeks until after I get this cast off my arm. Well, two casts for the price of one.