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Melanie Heynsbroek, Miss Luxembourg 2019, injured herself while preparing for the Miss World pageant in London in December 2019. She took part in the beauty contest with her arm in plaster.
Twelve days before the final show, the 20-year-old fell on her left hand. Two weeks earlier, she had already fallen on it during the production of the video for the pageant in an ice skating arena in Luxembourg. At that time, no fracture could be found. Now she was in severe pain and could no longer move her hand. Miss England, who is studying medicine, looked at the arm and suspected that the wrist was broken.

At a London hospital, a fracture of the radius in the forearm was diagnosed and she was put in a white plaster cast. Melanie Heynsbroek later said, "I'm wearing a cast but I'm still taking part in all the preparations and rehearsals for the Miss World pageant."

She was also able to attend the final of the competition on 14 December 2019. When she wore the sleeveless gorgeous ball gown, the cast was hidden by wrapping it with fabric in the same colour as the dress. During the show dance in the catsuit with long arms, the cast showed only slightly under the tight-fitting fabric. It was perfect for her, the plaster arm did not hinder her. "It would have been more difficult with a casted leg," she said. In the end, Miss Jamaica won the title.

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