Indications for casts français  deutsch

Medical casts are used especially for the treatment of fractures. The broken bones are fixed from outside by a cast. This is called a conservative treatment in contrast to a fixing of the bones inside by artificial parts during an operation.

  • operative treatment
    The advantage of the operative method is the shorter period in which the extremity has to stay motionless. So the reduction of the affected muscles is decreased. Surgery is required if the broken bone wounded tissue or skin and also if the fragments displace.

  • konservative treatment
    Non-displacing and stable fractures should not be operated. In these cases a conservative treatment is preferred because of the slighter risk. Further advantages are the lower technical requirements and the lower expenses.

    In the case of non-healing fractures the shock wave therapy as part of a konservative treatment could be successful and avoid surgery.

Other indications
Beside the treatment of fractures, casts are used to relieve pain for example after strains or contusions, after surgery or during inflammations. In the case of infections caused by bacteria a cast supports the defence reaction of the immune system. Furthermore, casts are important after surgical restoration of ligaments and tendons.