Since last Friday I have no cast anymore. It was a strange feeling when the doc cut the cast off: Without a cast after three months! I wrapped a bandage around my hand and felt better in some way.

Hi fellow sufferer,

My hand is still not healthy. And the accident is now 11 weeks ago. This has happened after the last message:

After surgery I had the splint for about one week. Then the doctor applied a fibre cast. Except for my thumb it enclosed all four fingers only the finger tips were free. I should keep it for three weeks. In fact it were four. At the cast off day the doc found that the fractures are not so good healed. So I got a cast again. Now a white plaster cast that doesn't enclose my fingers. This is much better. I can use my hand a little, the cast is not so a big obstruction anymore. I hope it will be the last cast, I have to wear it one or two weeks.

Many thanks for all the e-mails that you send to me after the first message here.

Unfortunately I had to stay in hospital once again, this time for almost two weeks. I needed surgery. Because of complications I had to stay longer than planned. Finally they discharged me with a splint on my arm.

Meanwhile it is better, but I still have to take drugs. The doctor thinks that the curing looks good and that they could soon apply a cast again. With a cast I feel more secure in some way.


Two weeks ago I tumbled and broke a bone in my right hand. First I thought it is not so bad. But then it swelled and I couldn't move my hand. Since that my forearm, the hand and also my fingers up to the tips are in plaster. I can't use it, so often I have the arm in a sling.

My sister is surprised how tidy my cast still is. Once she had a normal arm cast and could use all her fingers. After a while her cast looked worn out. She also let everybody sign it.

I would be glad to get some mails from fellow sufferer,