Hi, I am Nina. Since Monday, now three days ago, I have been in hospital and have a cast around my leg. I had an accident with my motor scooter. I crashed into a car. Thereby I broke my left shin-bone. I do not know yet, what has happened with the scooter. I was taken to hospital immediately.

I was shocked when they put my whole leg in plaster. I thought I get only bandages at the lower leg or a short leg walking cast. Then it made me really ill, when the doctor said, that I'll have this plastered leg for roughly two months and I have to use crutches much longer.

In my room, there is another girl with a cast. She had broken her right arm, was operated and now her entire arm is in plaster.

I hope that I will be dischared tomorrow. After all I am allowed to walk with crutches from today. But it is exhausting, the long leg cast is very heavy. It is the first time I have a cast.