Nathan 5th July 2006


This is Nathan. A few days ago, I was on vacation, and was at an outlet mall, and I fell down the steps, and broke my ankle...., When I started falling, I said: there goes my ankle.... When I finally landed, I looked down, and my ankle looked like a C shape, I was screaming in pain, There were a few people that came over, and tried to comfort me, I said please dont touch my ankle.... Someone called the rescue squad, and after about 10 minutes, it got there, and they started working on loading me up, on the way to the hospital, they splinted my ankle, They used pillows, and tape, whatever they could to make a soft place to rest my ankle on.

When I got to the hospital, They wheeled me into the ER, then I had to get an x-ray, and there it was, my ankle was broken. They set my ankle, no pain med...... That was terrible, I was screaming, It hurt SO bad..... Then they put my ankle in a cast, Short leg cast, yellow........ It goes from my toes, to just below my knee.... It still hurts bad, for now, , but the cast is really cool, Ive always wanted one, now I have one......

Any tips on how to deal with the pain, and any stories of your broken bone would help out.