Miss Belgium 2012 - Laura Beyne français  deutsch
Despite a sprained ankle, Laura Beyne kept her appointments in October 2012. In January, she had been elected Miss Belgium 2012. After her mishap, she was wheeled from her a to the event in Zandhoven (Flanders, 20km east of Antwerp) on an office chair and under an umbrella. There she promoted a Belgian sparkling wine sitting on a chair in a shopping centre. The manager was very pleased with the presence of Miss Belgium. He said: "She is a sympathetic ambassador of our country. She's so warm and she lets everybody take pictures of her."

The day before, Laura Beyne fell down a flight of stairs. "I wore high heels, missed the last step and twisted my ankle", she explained in perfect Dutch, she was born in Brussels in 1992. "Fortunately, I don't need a cast." Later, she did her performances with style, using black crutches. In December, at the Miss Universe contest in Las Vegas, she could perform without crutches.

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