Now I am also a member of the "cast club" unfortunately. The begin was that I talked to a friend and failed to notice the stairs.

I fell down about two meters. And it was well done. In the right leg I have five fractures: The ankle at both sides, tibia and fibula, furthermore the kneecap. Then: the scaphoide bone in the right hand and a splintering at the right ellbow. Besides: ligament injuries in ankle and knee as well as contusions.

In hospital I got a cast at the whole right leg. The physicians said that I will have this cast for 3 - 4 months! In the first two months I must not put pressure on the leg. That means lying in bed for the most time or to sit in the wheel chair. Later I will have the chance to walk with crutches provided that my arm allows it. My arm is in a full cast too and also the thumb except the tip.

After one week in hospital I am lying in bed at home. I am bored and think about how one can use crutches with an arm cast. If someone has experiences in that, please write me.