Elin 8th January 2016

Hi, I'm Elin.

Three days ago I fell over on the ice. It started with a careless giggle then after a bit of time I suddenly felt something was very wrong with my right arm. In other words, it hurt like hell!

Spent three unforgettable hours at the hospital being X-rayed and getting bad news about the break and how nasty it happened to be (radius+ulna+elbow fracture) and then having my bones set... add those to the list of things I wanna forget for ever!

Came back home sporting a rather huge plaster cast, from my fingers up to my armpit, and a sling because I shouldn't move my arm at all. Complete rest, they said. The biggest problem now is that I'm very right-handed and even brushing my teeth with my left arm takes forever! I can't wash my hair, can't write, can't use a computer mouse properly, can't do anything I used to! I hate it...

But there's always a bright side: maybe I'll become ambidextrous in forthcoming 8 weeks, ha-ha...