Thank you for this site to talk about casts. I just got back home from a vacation with three new casts. I feel trapped and still can't believe it. I was rollerblading for the first time (and last time). My blade on my left foot got caught in a crack and my leg twisted above the boot (cast above my knee), I went to try and stop myself and broke my wrist and tore ligaments in my thumb (cast covers the tip of my thumb and above my elbow); as I was tumbling, I rolled and my right leg hit the curb (cast just to my knee with toes pointed down).

I am supposed to be in wheelchair for about 3-4 weeks and can then maybe walk a little after that.

I am having some bad spasms in my lower legs - like charlie horses, are these normal?

I would love to talk with someone who has had a similar experience or anyone who I can talk to. I am not doing too much right now.

Thank you again.